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LearnPriceActionTrading.com aims to educate and mentor aspiring traders using a simple rule-based price action trading

Our founder members are themselves traders first and then mentors. They have over 15+ years of collective trading experience themselves and have been associated with a leading training institute for over 5 years. This enables them to educate and train aspiring traders to cross the initial period where most traders fail and give up and assist them in their trading career journey. Our community aims to help perfect a lifelong skill for Financial and Time Freedom.

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Our Vision

To educate and mentor aspiring traders using simple rule-based price action trading.

Our Mission

To help aspiring traders perfect a lifelong skill for financial independence and time freedom.


Our Core Team

Ajit Mahuli

A Master Trader & Trainer with 5+ years of training experience & 10+ years of trading experience, LPAT Co-founder Ajit Mahuli has trained more than 3000+ students at a leading international trading institute. Ajit’s love for trading and teaching only grew over the years until he decided to form a community of traders who are likeminded and believe in keeping trading simple based on Price Action.

Ajit with the LPAT team by his side, is the ideal person to guide you to stock market success by teaching you how to invest/trade in the financial markets using simple rule-based strategy with the help of price action!

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Sujay Panneerselvam

A trained Hospitality Management professional with an illustrious career spanning over a decade, Sujay was looking for better income options in the pursuit of achieving financial freedom and in the process he landed at LPAT.

An avid learner, he learnt the true art of trading & investing based on Price Action Movements under the guidance of Coach & Mentor Ajit Mahuli and Mahesh Kamath. His association with LPAT has helped him achieve his goal of becoming financially independent by being a trader & investor and he now successfully handles student support functions of the large LPAT Community!

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Chandrakant Khaire

With a career spanning over 16 years in the financial service industry, Chandrakant Khaire has been associated with top financial institutions like ABN Amro, Barclays Bank PLC & IDBI. Chandrakant has always been passionate about the stock market and with the help of mentors Ajit Mahuli & Mahesh Kamath, he is currently on his way to achieving financial freedom through active & consistent equity investments via Price Action Trading.

At LPAT, Chandrakant is tasked with contributing financial literacy to aspiring traders and investors while also playing a key role in handling student support functions.

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Amit M Arora

A banker, turned Professional trader, Amit chose trading since he realized that financial markets offer an unmatched opportunity to achieve both, financial and time freedom.

Professionally qualified as an MBA from the Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, he worked with MNC organizations like American Express, Commonwealth Bank and National Australia Bank for over 15 years before he recognized Trading and Training as his passion. He is successfully trading Price Action Strategy since last 6 years, and training the aspiring traders for over 3 years. He strongly believes that trading is all about following rules and those who can learn to identify a High Probability, High Reward and Low Risk opportunity have a great chance of success.

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