Learn fundamentals of pure price action at work and how to put them into action. What’s more, get mentored for month, clear all doubts, gain confidence and stride towards successful trading.

Who is it best suited for

LPAT Core is best suited for those who desire to get detailed insights into the overall trading process and their role in it as individual traders. This knowledge is the critical foundation to consistent, profitable trading across different asset classes.

What Will You Learn

How To Trade At The Right Place

Identify high probability areas of profitable trades, labeled Demand & Supply zones. Learn to identify these zones that keep repeating themselves on price charts again and again.

Trade Better With The Flow

Respecting the Trend of a stock and trading in the direction of the trend leads to quick and profitable trades. Learn how to identify the trend of a stock for peace of mind trading with consistent profits.

Understanding Risk To Stay On Top

Trading as a sustainable business income is essentially about understanding and managing how much money you are making when you are right and how much you are losing when you are wrong. This is the only way to stay profitable and be in the business over a long period of time.

How To Avoid Common Trading Mistakes

Successful Traders in the markets operate with a sound trading psychology, a logical trading system and an effective risk management plan. Learn about common trading mistakes that amateur traders make and most importantly, learn how to avoid making these common trading mistakes.

The Course Details

Duration : 1 Month

Format Of Learning :  Online 

Recordings To Re-learn : Recordings of each class will be available for unlimited views for a limited time

Eligibility : Basic computer operating knowledge.

Upcoming Batch : 10th and 11th September 2022.

Course Curriculum


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