If you are passionate about learning or improving your trading & investing practices you are in the right place. The price action trading strategy you learn here is simple and rule based.

We make the learning process smoother for our students by integrating extensive mentoring coupled with collaborative peer learning giving you a distinct advantage.

We call it the LPAT Edge.

This is our 2-Day exhaustive course on Price Action to help you identify Institutional buying and selling price areas followed by 4 live mentoring sessions, spread across a month, to clear all doubts and help you learn how to trade in real markets.

Integrating Options with advanced Price Action concepts will take your trading to the next level. Learn to trade in all market conditions using options, futures and cash. Trade events, big and small and manage risk professionally by joining our 3-month mentoring program that’s integrated into this course and bring consistency and predictability into your trading.

A vibrant community of passionate and likeminded LPAT traders committed to trading and learning 24X7. Collaborative peer learning infused with abundant mentoring is ideal for people with varied learning speeds. We feel it is the fastest way to imbibe vital concepts of trading psychology seamlessly. Members also benefit from proprietary LPAT Scanner which identifies a watch list of high probability stocks for higher profits.

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LearnPriceActionTrading.com aims to educate and mentor aspiring traders using simple rule-based price action trading strategies. The founder himself is a trader first and then a mentor.