LPAT League

When you teach, you learn. Collaborative, peer learning through shared trading ideas for focused, faster learning and stronger concepts. Unique community of confident LPAT Learners mentored and guided to successful trading.

Who is it best suited for

Learn Price Action Tading Community Forum is best suited for serious traders and investors who learn at different speeds & seek to master risk management, trading psychology and nuances of trading not found in text books.

What Will You Learn

It is widely accepted that peer learning improves critical thinking and problem solving by discussing and learning from collaboration. Members of this vibrant, subscription based community benefit from a select watch list of stocks derived from exclusive LPAT trade scanners for focused, high reward trading and investing.

Live market and post market online sessions for market overview & trade analysis

Real time resolution of queries from students during live             sessions

24X7 access to interactive community forum Select watch list of stocks from a proprietary scanner

Guidance on trading psychology and risk management, trade management

Access to quality trading ideas posted on the forum by Mentor and fellow traders In-depth learning from each trading idea                         posted in the forum

Each trade posted in the forum is evaluated by the Mentor and invites review by peer traders

The Course Details

Duration : 8 live 2 hour sessions every month with 24X7 access to Price Action Trader’s Community forum LPAT League.

Format Of Learning : Online 

Recordings To Relearn : Recordings of each class will be available for unlimited views for a limited time

Eligibility : Should have completed LPAT – Options Edge.

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LearnPriceActionTrading.com aims to educate and mentor aspiring traders using simple rule-based price action trading strategies. The founder himself is a traders first and then a mentor.