LPAT Options Edge

Markets are dynamic so get the edge with an all weather approach to trading. Options when rewired with LPAT’s unique Price Action approach makes trading more reliable and stress free. Now trade Options, Futures or cash and what’s more, a 3 month mentoring program for hand holding through diverse market conditions.

Who is it best suited for

LPAT Option Edge is best suited for those who desire to take their price action trading to the next level. The course teaches advanced concepts and spends 300% extra time mentoring students to reinforce concepts and teach the tricks of trading in actual market conditions.

What Will You Learn

Learn advanced Price Action concepts & a unique new approach to Options

trading to become a more complete and consistently profitable trader.

Identifying Super Strong Zones For Profitable Trades

All zones are not alike. Some are special. Learn how to identify them on price charts and mark them for profitable trades.

Trading When You’re Not Too Sure About The Quality Of The Zone

Learn how to read the affirmative confirmation given by price on the chart for additional confidence and conviction in your trading.

When To Trade With Trend & When To Go Counter Trend

Advanced price action techniques for all weather trading but more importantly learn when to apply these techniques.

Identifying High Probability Price Patterns

Price holds no secrets. You just need the skill to read it right. Learn how to identify high probability price patterns that give you the special edge.

Anticipatory Trend Analysis 

An alternate advanced technique to identify trend for the early bird kill.

Options Basics

Learn all about the nuts and bolts of Options – Calls, Puts & the Greeks that matter to add a new dimension to your trading.

Community Mentoring Program

LPAT Options Edge students get 3 month exclusive mentoring with Master Trader and founder LPAT, Ajit Mahuli plus 24X7 access to a community of new & senior LPAT Traders to discuss trades and trading related issues for a steep yet easy learning curve.

Options Strategies

Learn to deploy the appropriate Options strategy when markets are trending, going sideways or reacting to big events like Elections, Union Budget & Quarterly Business results of stocks.  

Trade Management & Journaling 

Successful trading careers are often more about managing risks & rewards, controlling emotions and staying focused on the goal. Learn techniques used by professional traders to stay ahead in the mentoring sessions and in interactions with other LPAT community members.

Course Details

Duration : 3 Months

Format Of Learning : Online 

Recordings To Relearn : Recordings of each class will be available for unlimited views for a limited time

Eligibility : Should have completed the LPAT – Core. Basic computer operating knowledge.

Course Curriculum

Advanced Price Action (Live Interactive Session: 1 Day)

Options Basics Course ( Self Learning)

Options Strategies Course ( Live Interactive Session: 2 days)


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LearnPriceActionTrading.com aims to educate and mentor aspiring traders using simple rule-based price action trading strategies. The founder himself is a traders first and then a mentor.