LPAT Prima

Lasting success in trading comes with unwavering focus on learning and execution. Learn Price Action Trading (LPAT) has a powerful trading strategy that is simple, rule based and does not rely on technical indicators.  A three hour workshop sets the tone for your life long journey.

Who is it best suited for

The LPAT Prima Webinar provides a peek into the overall trading process without the complexity of technical analysis. This knowledge is the critical foundation to consistent, profitable trading different across asset classes.

What Will You Learn

How to avoid the most common mistakes and reasons for failures in stock market trading and investing

What drives prices in the stock market.

How to use a simple Price Action based strategy based on order flow for trading intraday, swing or positional

Learn a simple strategy to trade the financial markets which can be applied to any asset class – Equities, Futures,                        Commodity, Forex, Indian Markets, International Markets and          even crypto currencies


Learn to identify repeatable demand and supply patterns

Learn how to read price action and get the edge for investing and trading

Learn to identify Institutional footprints for buying and selling

Risk Management – The Key

Q&A session to clear all doubts and queries

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LearnPriceActionTrading.com aims to educate and mentor aspiring traders using simple rule-based price action trading strategies. The founder himself is a traders first and then a mentor.