• 14-Feb-2020

    Atlee : Price Action Trader Course

    I would recommend the course for anyone who is interested in making Trading as a career , as it provides you freedom from daily office routine.

  • 26-Jan-2020

    CHIRAG ANANDAA : Price Action Trader Course

  • 09-Dec-2019

    Ashwini Jayram : Price Action Trader Course

    LPAT really changed my view about trading and investing. Instructor did not just gave us the knowledge on rules but also he explained the logic behind the price movement.
    And he explained the zones very clearly as when to go for long and when to go for short. I have attended courses in other well established academy. They were had set of rules and we were made to just follow their rules, But none of the instructors teach us why those rules are made on what basis. and many of their rules were made wrong. I just invested to totall package with them and hardly got use of it. Thank you ajith and mahesh for giving this oppurtunity to learn something which has logic. I have learnt many things from this course and its time to implement them in my trade life. Anybody who wants to get into trading with a fresh mind this is a best platform for you.

  • 23-Oct-2019

    Vinay Prabhu : Price Action Trader Course

    Absolutely no other trading course of any kind, for any price provides this comprehensive and practical trading education, guaranteed!
    * A far better and more comprehensive learning experience than possible from any live workshop.

  • 16-Oct-2019

    Naresh vadodariya : LPAT – Mentoring & Community Subscription

    Best a new trader and trading life very help ful experience

  • 16-Oct-2019

    Umesh Jain : Price Action Trader Course

    Right now I am having a nice experience. But honestly I can only tell when I will be able to make trade set ups on my own and get results as par excellence.

  • 15-Oct-2019

    Sukanya K : Price Action Trader Course

    I am really very happy to learn the new methods of trading from Mr. Ajit. From the first step of mine to get into Advance learning of trading it was Mr. Ajit who gave me the right advice to join. Now with his new concept of teaching the price action is excellent. I would like to learn the way Mr.Ajit reads the chart and may be one day I will also be reading the chart like him.

    Thank you Mr.Ajit

  • 15-Oct-2019

    Niranjan Shinde : Price Action Trader Course

    Since the beginning of my career as a trader I have been through many instructors, each having a different kind of styles. and whilst each one had there own strengths , i felt that Ajit Sirs clarity and confidence a. on Supply /Demand and b.Price action is what kept me hooked to his classes. for trader looking for a simple tradeable system which can generate time freedom the PAT system is a boon . For traders like me who are looking to make trading as vehicle of there financial freedom LPAT is truly mannah from heaven.

  • 15-Oct-2019

    SUKETU SHAH : Price Action Trader Course

    After having done the basic course elsewhere with multiple instructors teaching in their own unique style, I became quite confused and was not making much headway in terms of successful trades.

    Then I came to know of LPAT, which was going to be conducted by Ajit Mahuli and Mahesh Kamath who besides being highly successful traders themselves with a decade of practical experience are also known to be very knowledgeable, accomplished and passionate teachers.

    I enrolled for the same and after completing their two day Advanced course, it completely changed my thinking and approach to trading (which at one point I was contemplating giving it up). A lot of my doubts got cleared, also realized where I was faltering. Not only did it add a completely new dimension to the subject but boosted my confidence

    What I truly appreciate is their simple rule based and disciplined approach, understanding the finer nuances of trading and boosting the trading psychology.

    Both Ajit and Mahesh have put their heart and soul, knowledge and a decade of successful trading experience in designing this course, difficult to find a fault.

    The unique concept of mentoring (virtual hand holding) for 3 months will go a long way in drilling these trading concepts, honing the skills and disciplining the mind and the formation of the community in perfecting these skills on long term and sustainable basis.

    I, fully and whole heartedly recommend this course to all who want to embark on a trading career because it also comes at a very reasonable cost giving an opportunity to students from all strata to realize and live their dreams.

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Vishal Kulkarni : Price Action Trader Course

    Attended Ajit’s Price action course. I really appreciate the efforts and backend knowledge that has been put to build this course. Surely such technique of trading would benefit the trading community.

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Senthil Kumar : Price Action Trader Course

    as I said I loved the way this course has been taught and Ajit a lovely instructor teaches the complicated top-down analysis in a simple way that even the person who doesn’t know supply-demand before can also understand easily

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Ramzan Khan : Price Action Trader Course

    Hatts off to LPAT vision of making its student a professional consistent trader, Price action Trading course designed by Ajit Sir and Mahesh Sir is obvious a course which can create many profitable traders if followed the same, I wish LPAT in future will come up with more things which will help a trader to go to the path of success, Blessed to be a part of LPAT community, Thanks Ajit Sir, Mahesh Sir and whole LPAT team…

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Rajendra Dhemare : Price Action Trader Course

    It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me.
    I gained a lot of knowledge and practical trading strategies that will be beneficial to me.
    It was a great opportunity to learn how to create quality trade setups and make more profits.
    It has also given me the confidence that i can become a successful trader in couple of months.
    Ajit’s constructive input and guidance throughout each topic of the course helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie.
    Thanks Ajit, Mahesh and LPAT Team !

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Vinaya Nadkarni : Price Action Trader Course

    The concepts taught and applied for chart analysis are simple and very precise. Having a fixed uncomplicated rule set which is accurate is the highlight of the course. Learning from mentors who are not only successful traders but also great teachers makes one feel hopeful and positive about their own success as traders. This sense of positivity and hope that comes in post the advanced class- that yes! I too can become a successful trader- has happened only in LPAT. This confidence has never set in after doing other expensive courses. LPAT is different in many ways, Great Learning, honest pricing, a sense of belonging to the community, is unparalleled. I am grateful to be part of the LPAT community.

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Vinod Kumar : Price Action Trader Course

    The Beauty of the Course is the session are that concept are explained in practical aspects than theory.
    That will definitely save time to meet goals early. Ajit Mahuli Sir did not hide his Knowledge to share with Student & he teach from Heart, he aknoleged each and every query that is the uniq quality he have

  • 13-Oct-2019

    Vimalraj Eswaran : Price Action Trader Course

    I have attended so many courses.And also attend the supply and demand concept on some other institution. On that courses i have a some doubts why most of the zones are not working on my favour.Frankly speaking i really work hard on marking the zones to increase my success ratio but something was missing.But LPAT is the really one place to get the good knowledge about the supply and demand along with price action.And now i got the answers why some zones are not working on my favour.Finally i catch the missing point on LPAT.Those who are struggling to earn on the market will have to join this price action trader course and this will deffinitely help you to survive on the market.

  • 13-Oct-2019

    Bharat Meena : LPAT – Mentoring & Community Subscription

    I would say this is an Excellent and unique real practical solution for the trading with actual Supply and Demand concepts …

  • 13-Oct-2019

    Mahendra Mokal : Price Action Trader Course

    only a Passionate Instructor/ person can do this not a commercial institute(cares for its time & money). But these guys (Ajit & Mahesh) cares for students with thier passion, GR8

  • 09-Oct-2019

    Vivekanand Tathavadkar : Price Action Trader Course

    I have attended few courses on Trading but I found this course far better than other courses. This course teaches you the entire process from basic to how to identify and qualify an opportunity to how to take trade. It also takes you through the trade managment and risk management.
    I would strongly recommend this course to those who are looking at trading as a full time or part time business.

  • 07-Oct-2019

    Milind Mangaonkar : Price Action Trader Course

    Have gone through many online tutorials but this was just what I was looking for. Truly a game changer for us newcomers. Thanks to team LPAT. Wish them and all the students, All the very Best!!

  • 07-Oct-2019

    ARMAITI ADAJANIA : Price Action Trader Workshop


  • 26-Sep-2019

    NItesh Rathod : LPAT – Mentoring & Community Subscription

    Dear Ajit Sir, and all at LPAT
    I wanted to feedback on the Price Action Trader – Advanced Course I attended last weekend…….it has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already…..I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. Ajit sir was very knowledgeable and share his whole experience of Trading. Mahesh Sir able to tailor the whole day to our individual needs . The experience with Price Action Trading-Advance Course from start to finish was faultless……I can see why your company is called this name! “LPAT”
    “I have recommended the course to some of my colleagues.”

    Nitesh Rathod, Ahmedabad

  • 26-Sep-2019

    RVS RAO : Price Action Trader Course

    You made it simple and rule based. Simplifying years of Duo’s experience and study is outstanding in my opinion, Fueled with passion and noble intentions is some thing that is not easily accessible in this era. I am greatful for providing me an opportunity to be part of LPAT community. Thankyou !

  • 25-Sep-2019

    Rajiv Bantwal : Price Action Trader Course

    Great learning happens when a topic is simplified without compromises. Ajit & Mahesh have really simplified and de-jargonised a difficult topic like Price Action based trading. This is a high value course not be missed by any serious student of Price Action trading from two outstanding Instructors and traders.

  • 25-Sep-2019

    Neha Lohia : Price Action Trader Course

    Very comprehensive, filled with experince based “Needle movers” small hinges that open big doors! thanks so much for putting this program together. Love to learn from Ajit Sir & Mahesh sirs clairty is amazing aswell. thanks to the entire team & community am beginning to re-learn, this has changed my entire trading knowledge acruired thus far! Thanks

  • 25-Sep-2019

    Sambasiva Neerumalla : Price Action Trader Course

    Overall price action trader course is very good. Ajit and Mahesh are great instructors. Covering all the concepts, addressing to each and every individual queries (until they understand) are superb. Not only sharing their knowledge & experience, both are very dedicated/committed to make the attendees also successful professional traders. I am confident with their support in mentoring & community sessions, can become successful professional trader. Thank you very much to Ajit, Mahesh and LPAT team. I wish them all the best and also wish the same for all the attended students.

  • 25-Sep-2019

    Thomas K S : Price Action Trader Course

    When we have lot of ladders which is clustered and not arranged we cannot climb the Top. Instead arrange the ladders in a proper manner one by one from which we can climb to top. This is what the achievement for me and diving deep into each and every concept and understanding price action which is really wonderfull. Every thing is put very very systematically and easily understandable. Also the concepts were explained in a very very clear and effective manner with examples and cemented to mind. Very Very privilaged to have a mentors like Ajit and Mahesh who is very humble and very very interested in clearing all the doubts and questions of all students. This is definitely going to be a game changer for my trading career.

  • 24-Sep-2019

    RAJITH K B : Price Action Trader Course

    The course content is crisp & clear and to the point, Ajit and Mahesh have put their real-life experience creating the course content and fine tuning the basic demand supply trading monadology, the best part is all rules are laid out in a structured manner without too many jargons.

  • 24-Sep-2019

    John Quadros : Price Action Trader Course

    The experience was wonderful with lot of learnings. It has definately helped me. Lots of doubts are cleared. I’m sure the 3 months mentoring session will make me a better trader.

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Anil Tolani : Price Action Trader Course

    Thanks LPAT for providing me right approach to trading. Your guidance will help me to control emotions and pyschollogy to help me to become better trader

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Yogesh Gami : Price Action Trader Course

    Price action explained in most logistic and practical methodology with proven rules with no its and buts of trading by genuine traders and genuine honest trade logs to boost confidence of students. Realistic approach with nothing to hide. No fake stars and diamonds of trading shown. Genuine knowledge sharing and zero confusion sharing.

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Vaibhav Dua : Price Action Trader Course

    If one has to learn trading, then I would suggest this the course one should do. There are courses in the market which charges too high but their content is not upto the mark.
    This course helped me to identify the price action in a simple way. Most important aspect of this course is that the instructors know the pain point of the beginners and have designed the course accordingly.

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Soni Raval : LPAT – Mentoring & Community Subscription

    The Advancef Price Action Trading Course with LPAT is a very structured, rule based and disciplined way of trading, which is what one needs to become a successful trader.. Thier simple approach is aimed at being able to make money from the markets consistently. The mentors – Mr. Ajit Mahuli & Mr. Mahesh Kamath are highly successful traders and have put in all their trading experience into the course content and made an easy to implement Rule Book for trading. This Rule Book will help to remove the emotions of trading, which is the most difficult to overcome while in a trade. The price action concepts concepts taught along with demand and supply can be applied in any asset class – equity, commodity, forex. The best part LPAT is the Trading Community association, where there will be implementing what was taught and also handholding us in our trade analysis. I strongly recommend, anyone who wants to acheive consistent trading suceess, should join LPAT. I wish LPAT all the best and wish them great success..

  • 24-Sep-2019/strong>

    Chandrika V : Price Action Trader Course

    The course gave me confidence to plan any trade as a lot of concepts about trading became clear. I am now hopeful of achieving my financial goals. Concepts were taught in simple steps and explained very well.

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Aashish Khanna : Price Action Trader Course

    Ajit Sir, My real HERO !! My real Mentor !! My real Guide !!

    He make us understand things on positive note and make a balance thinking.

    I trust him from the day first class . And Beliving in his Golden Words

    My Best Wishes for the bright future. and keep making his clones..

    My Goal – will be at the top of the world , when I will be like him…

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Yashabh Shah : Price Action Trader Course

    If you are looking for your holy grail, than look no futhur !! AJIT SIR is your mentor !! All the complicated process summerized is a very simple and easy way. looking forward on getting mentored by him…

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